Monday, 09/01/2017

After the final stage, the climb up Alpe Cermis, the overall winners of the 11th Tour de Ski were finally revealed. The final tough challenge was covering a total of 9km including the final climb of 3.6km, conquering an altitude of 420 metres overall.
Heidi Weng, who started the race 20 seconds behind Stina Nilsson, already overtook the Swede at the beginning of the climb and was the first to cross the finishing line to win a well-deserved victory. Krista Parmakoski also succeeded in passing the tired-looking Stina Nilsson, securing second place.
Sergei Ustiugov, the most dominant competitor in this year’s competition, kept up his outstanding performance in the final stage, clearly winning ahead of Martin Johnsrud Sundby. With a strong final climb, Dario Cologna was able to secure third place.

Racing service: 
Andrej Neff