Monday, 13/02/2017

The Swiss athletes continued their run of success on the home pistes.
Today St. Moritz showed itself from its best side with ideal weather conditions, cold and dry at night followed by a fantastic sunny day.
These were dream conditions for the Men's Combined event.
At 10 a.m the Men's Alpine Combined kicked off and was won by the Austrian Romed Baumann. Luca Aerni from Switzerland finished the race 2 seconds and 6/10 hundredths behind, putting him in thirtieth position that will allow him to leave first in the Slalom.
His great start number enabled him to win the gold medal. beating the favourite Austrian Marcel Hirscher by only one hundredth of a second! A big surprise was Mauro Caviezel, another Swiss athlete, who reached third place.

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Augusto Gillio