Thursday, 09/03/2017

Next year Korea will be hosting the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. This World Cup is therefore the general trial for the approaching major event. Several athletes are still familiar with the location from the World Championships in 2009. A few minor changes have been made to the route but apart from these everything is the same. Let’s just say that Korea isn’t exactly a winter sport stronghold!
From a sporting point of view there weren’t any major surprises. After the World Championships Laura Dahlmeier picked up where she left off in Hochfilzen. Two races - two wins! The German Ladies’ Relay was also won by the girls from Germany.
The Men’s sprint was a repeat of Oberhof with Julian Eberhardt from Austria in first place. The Pursuit was once more won by Martin Fourcade from France, and in the relay race Fourcade and his team mates reached the top of the rostrum! With the Pursuit victory, the high-flyer from last year was able to win the overall World Cup for the sixth!!! time. Congratulations on this historic achievement!!!
The excitement continues next week in Kontiolahti ...

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Torsten Thrän